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Clonesites.Com – Perfect PHP Clone Script

Clonesites is basically portal web store, where you can find the clones of popular websites and portals at affordable rates. is introduced to provide the people clones of famous sites, so they can also start their own online business using the magnificent features of clones. In addition, the company also offer clone customization services, which means you can ask them to custom your clone script as per your business requirements.

Though, there are various sites that are active in online business and have gained positive response of the audience but, the has chosen the top sites from every business sector to develop the clone. You can find the clones of following popular websites at

In addition, the company also has its own original product Fundraising script available at Fundraising is basically a crowd funding portal for the clients who want to get into crowd funding business through their own site. All products at are available in both the packages i.e. basic and extended. Also, the company offers check-in iPhone and Android application for eventbrite clone.

The has come up with affiliate plan through which the visitors visiting our site can also earn handsome amount of money. According to the affiliate plan - “any visitor promoting the products of and contribute in selling the product then, he is liable to get 5% commission from each sales of company. “So, more you participate in sales of the company, more you can earn" can be really helpful for those who want to set their feet in online business. You can select any of the products from and can get started with online business. The features of the products available at are already accepted and are reliable because they are exactly same as in the parent site. Hence, one needs not to worry about the work-flow, accessibility, productivity and security factors of the portal. The targeted audience will surely like to visit your portal to ensure whether it is same as the popular parent site or not, and once, if they get on your portal, the magnificent features will fascinate them towards it and they will love to be part of the same. Thus, any individual can easily get success in online business using the products available at

In addition, such popular clones are available at highly budget-friendly rates and hence, client also not needs to worry about the budget part.

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